ISPA Technology

Quality Assurance

ISPA Technology is dedicated to providing its customers with services of the highest quality. Quality management principles are deeply engrained in the processes and operations at ISPA. General quality assurance includes:

  • Advance planning
  • Detailed work plans
  • Frequent progress reviews with customers

To ensure deliverables of the highest quality, ISPA Technology subjects all deliverables to the following:

  • Assignment of the best personal with proven prior performance who possess the experience and skills required to meet program needs and successfully perform the tasks assigned
  • Not less than two complete reviews for accuracy and thoroughness
  • Prepared using computers with software tools such as spelling and grammar checkers
  • All documentation formatting and other written parameters will be provided consistent with customer requirements
  • These tools are utilized prior to the quality assurance audit by a qualified employee
  • All electronic files are backed up to a disk or tape backup on a weekly basis

For software projects, additional quality assurance includes:

  • Coding standards
  • Configuration management plan
  • Automated unit testing using test templates from Junit
  • System testing
  • Code reviews